Shortform Comics

A selection of my shortform comics are here. Click on the thumbnails to read the comics! Descriptions below.

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  • Dungeon Critters #3a collaborative comic with Natalie Riess from the spring of 2017 about four animal adventurers rescuing a loved one from an eel cult.
  • Dungeon Critters #1: a collaborative comic with Natalie Riess in the summer of 2016 about four animal adventurers taking on a cursed dungeon.
  • Do You Like Anime?a 24 Hour Comics Challenge in October 2015 about two middle schoolers becoming friends.
  • Lady Tilda and the DragonA fairytale about a mom and a dragon, printed in the Valor Anthology, 2014
  • Just a Sidekicka superhero story about overcoming inferiority complex. Printed in the Oath Anthology, 2015
  • Wicked QueensA monster girl gang tries to get to prom. 2014.
  • Keep MovingA girl is alone in the woods. Maybe. 2014.
  • HaircutA knight and a princess fend off evil skeletons. 2014.